Syntropic Agriculture: Cacao, Costa Rica, Case Study

    After organising and attending our first syntropic farming workshop in 2019, our team at Porvenir Design knew that we were…

    A Walk though My Food Forest Swale System After a Rain Event at Nine Mile Farm

    Every year the amount of rain we put into the ground per inch that falls increases. In this walk though…
    Permaculture Projects

    Living the Homesteading Dream – Part 4

    Buck looks the part. In his mid-70s, he carries the grin and rotundness of a man who has been enjoying…

    Four of our Favourite Plants with Edible Flowers

    During this post, we’re going to take a look at a few of our favourite plants with edible flowers. Most…
    Global Warming/Climate Change

    Lets stop fighting and lets unify and get busy healing our planet

    Climate change is unfortunately politicised. Unfortunately it’s often no longer about the science but rather about the money and the…

    Seeing through the seductions of science and technology

    The history books in our schools tell us that scientific and technological advancement have freed us from boredom, ignorance and…

    Four of our Favourite Trees with Edible Leaves

    During this post, we’re going to take a look at some trees that have edible leaves. Since trees can produce…

    Living the Homesteader Dream – Hope Springs Every Spring

    This morning we were racing the rain. Over the last week we’ve been planting dozens upon dozens of trees. It’s…

    Online vs. Onsite Permaculture Courses: Which is Better?

    When deciding which permaculture course to take, the question at the forefront of it is whether to go with an…

    The Essential Guide to Probably Everything you Need to Know about Growing Cornelian Cherry – Cornus mas

    Cornellian Cherry is undoubtedly one of the easiest fruit you can grow in a temperate climate. The plants produce a…


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