New Allan Savory Podcast and Free Webinar

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We are getting pretty excited about welcoming Allan Savory to Australia in a couple of weeks to enliven a discussion about how Holistic Management can play a key role in our future land regeneration strategies. In anticipation of his upcoming Aussie tour, Allan just recorded a podcast over at The Wellness Couch. It’s great to… Read more »

Nick Ritar’s TEDx Canberra Talk: Two Things You Can Do Every Day to Save the World

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Recently Nick gave a talk at TEDx Canberra. He talked about stewarding nutrients, how we can solve the problem of peak phosphorous (See ‘Phosphorous Matters’ Parts I & II here and here), and about how to grow the best cumquats ever. Yes, Nick was talking about why taking responsibility for our poo and our wee… Read more »

Applied Watershed Restoration Expert Coming to Australia

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It is with great excitement that RegenAG announces an upcoming series of Applied Watershed Restoration courses in NSW and QLD with acclaimed watershed restoration and erosion control expert Craig Sponholtz, of Dryland Solutions. We’ve managed to haul Craig out to Australia for a couple of weeks to skill us up on some ground-breaking, doable techniques… Read more »

Rocket Stove Water Heater Redux

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Rocket stoves are awesome, experimental, and a knowledge stream in flux. Or ours is, at any rate. Our rocket stove water heater has been doing its thing for nearly three years now, so we decided to take it apart and do a full examination of how it had fared. So Nick and our current permaculture… Read more »

Milkwood Farm: Summer/Autumn 2012 Permaculture Internships

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Do you already have a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC)? Do you want to progress your skills in permaculture, regenerative agriculture, and the nuts and bolts of creating a permaculture enterprise? Our next round of intensive permaculture design internships at Milkwood Permaculture are open for applications until November 7th! Click here for more info!

Introduction to Holistic Management Course with Kirk Gadzia at Milkwood

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Here’s a quick note about our upcoming Intro to Holistic Management course with Kirk Gadzia that starts on the 1st of November at Milkwood Farm in Mudgee, NSW, Australia. Having worked side by side with Allan Savory for many years, Kirk knows a thing or two about using herbivores to heal a landscape. What’s more,… Read more »

Shifting to Community-Scale Food Thinking

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This week I received all our yearly seed catalogs, and, as usual, started planning feverishly. How many is too many weird and wonderful heirloom watermelon varieties? And then I paused. Wait a minute, we’re aiming for community scale in our vegetable production this year. This shifts the goalposts entirely. I’m now realizing that, for our… Read more »